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Family schedules are busier than ever and time is a precious commodity. Trusted Rides offers a safe, reliable transportation solution to help parents get their children where they need to be, like their tee time.

Trusted Rides is designed to help parents meet their child’s transportation needs. The Trusted Rides app is a unique child transportation solution dedicated exclusively to offering safe rides for kids ages 5 and up. The user-friendly platform allows parents to easily schedule a ride or series of rides to drive children back and forth to school, academic tutoring, sports and other extracurricular activities.

The Trusted Rides app features a host of safety measures to ensure children reach their destination safely. “Safety is our number one concern. What makes our company different from other rideshare companies is that we are dedicated exclusively to rides for children ages 5 and up, and as a result, we have more rigorous security and insurance protocols,” said Michelle Exoo, co-founder of Trusted Rides. “Our drivers are expected to be on time, clean, appropriate, polite and safe at all times. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any drivers breaking these requirements.”

Safety features include a driver profile with a 30-second video and car details, a system-generated password and realtime geo-tracking of the ride. Trusted Rides drivers are also easily identifiable through a logo on their vehicle and a Trusted Rides t-shirt. These features provide a foundation for parents and children to discuss the who, what, where, when and how of ride safety.

First Tee Parents can be further assured of safety through expert drivers that were rigorously interviewed, screened and passed a safety training program and 21-point vehicle inspection. “Familiarity and consistency are very important for children, so we have included an option to save a driver as a favorite in the app,” said Exoo. “It allows our customers to develop a community within the app and an extra comfort level for the child.” More details can be found on

Trusted Rides was created by parents for parents. In a recent study conducted by Trusted Rides, current Trusted Rides customers are saving an average of 2.5 hours per week using the Trusted Rides solution. In addition to individual families, Trusted Rides has also partnered with several local businesses to help the community by filling the current transportation gap. Read reviews from a number of these customers at

The service was designed to be affordable with rides starting at $12.50 for the first 15-minutes plus $2 for each additional rider. “We are excited to launch this service to the Grand Rapids area,” said Tom Gott, co-founder of Trusted Rides. “We know what this option provides for our personal families and we look forward to sharing this with our community.”


With a specific TrustedRides coupon code, families eligible for the $5.00 scholarship rate for classes will have the opportunity to get FREE rides to First Tee class with a coupon code (First Tee will pick up the tab).  For information on this, contact


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