Participant Spotlight: Spencer Schaffer

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Words From Spencer’s mother, Jennifer

“As a parent, it is my goal to help my children grow up to be adults with integrity, who value and respect life and those around them.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement one year ago when I opened up the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation flier and read the line “character building through golf”.  You see my son Spencer, had tried many sports and never really enjoyed them enough to want to stick with one.  Iwondered if golf would be a good fit.  I also liked the idea of character building!  I love the idea of Spencer becoming a young man with character and integrity. IMG_1261

I signed Spencer up for the spring session and went to the parent orientation.  All I could say was WOW!  This is an amazing opportunity, an amazing organization! This is more than just swinging a club.       

This is where Spencer’s journey in the world of golf with The First Tee began.  Who knows where it will take him.  This is truly the FIRST time he has stuck with something, stayed excited and interested in something, other than legos or video games.  He has learned the importance of honesty, respect, integrity, sportsmanship, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment.  He has been taught the importance of making right and healthy life choices.      

I appreciate the mentors involved.  They model the attitudes, values, and behaviors I hope to see grow in Spencer.  The mentors encourage Spencer to do what is right.  The mentors show interest in Spencer, in his schooling, life, and attitude.  Spencer needs men in his life who will do this.  I so appreciate it!        

If you know of a young person who needs some direction, who lacks positive role models in their life.  If you want to support young people to grow in character and find a place to learn.  The First Tee of West Michigan is a great place to look for this direction. 

Whether you send your child or support The First Tee with a donation, this is truly a youth development program.  Giving youth direction, life skills, and encouragement to be the best young person they can be. IMG_0756

Words From Spencer:

I enjoy learning and playing golf.  I have learned about honesty, integrity, courtesy, and more.  One of the core values I use every day is perseverance.  Perseverance is when you keep going and don’t give up even when things are hard.   I use perseverance at school when I have a math test and don’t really understand.  I keep trying and don’t give up on it.  I use perseverance at home when homework is hard and I want to give up.  I remember that it is better to keep trying and I ask for  help from my Mom.

I use perseverance with my friends too.  Sometimes my friends ignore me or won’t let me play a game with them.  I persevere and choose to find someone else to hang out with instead of getting angry and giving up.  The First Tee helps me learn about things like perseverance.  The First Tee is AWESOME!  


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