Junior Coach Spotlight – Darcey Dorris

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Junior Coach Spotlight

Darcey Dorris
10th Grade
15 years old
East Kentwood High School
1st year as a junior coach

In Their Own Words: 

Darcey’s Favorite Nine Core Value: Integrity.  Since I started in First Tee I have learned more and more about the word integrity.  Integrity simply means doing good when someone in authority isn’t around.  I still think I have a bit of improvement to do but I feel like First Tee has helped me to understand the word more.

What is your favorite part of being a junior coach? I just love the overall experience.  Getting to know kids and teaching them what I learned when I was their age.  During my time as a junior coach, I have learned to be patient and to go with my gut on things.  This experience has helped me prepare for the career I want in the future.  I know my future career will require being a good communicator, being patient, and understanding.  All of those traits and more encourage me to make coaching at First Tee fun!

Darcey, pictured left, at the age of 10 at The First Tee.  Darcey, right, this fall at the age of 15.

darcey’s fast facts, from Coach Tyler:

  • Darcey started on scholarship with First Tee through one of its strategic school partnerships with Kentwood Public Schools in 2014.
    • Bowen Elementary is still one of First Tee’s partnership schools.
  • Darcey was interviewed by Maranda in 2014, as a youngster at The First Tee.  Watch here or by clicking the video below! 
  • First Tee partners with Crestwood Middle School, where Darcey went to middle school.
  • Darcey also participated on scholarship at First Tee through a strategic partnership with her home church, First Community AME Church in southeast Grand Rapids.
  • This year, Darcey worked the most hours of any of our first-year junior coaches! She coached at:
    • Indian Trails GC
    • Kaufman GC
    • Stormy Creek GC
  • Darcey’s younger brother, Dion, participated through Bowen and First Community AME as well.  He participated with First Tee’s PGA Junior League team this summer and is considering caddying next summer.
  • Darcey’s younger sister, Dari, has also participated at The First Tee!
  • Darcey and Dion together with Executive Director Tyler Smies helped make a presentation to Kentwood City Council this summer about the value of The First Tee in the Kentwood community.

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